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We customize our baskets for our clients.  Many times we add your own promotional items to the basket and can arrange to order, customize and store your promotional items to be add as needed to the baskets.  We only send out truly elegant and sophisticated looking packages and try and focus on using practical containers that can be used long after the goodies are gone.  Our baskets are a reflection of your discriminating taste and shows how special you think the recipient is.  We save you time by shopping the items for you.  Currently we only deliver in the Cowichan Valley but as we expand we may be able to offer the service further on Vancouver Island and the greater Vancouver mainland.  If you are a busy person working with a professional gift  consultant will wind up saving you time and money.

Your baskets are truly beautiful and my clients just love them.



About Us

Tina Short,


If you love bringing joy to people's lives, then we can help you accomplish that.  We help you send gifts that people truly appreciate.  We want to create beautiful gift baskets that your recipient will remember who sent it.  Every basket is a reflection of the person who is sending it so I want you to reflect well while saving you the time, money and stress of having to do it yourself.

If you like myself, love seeing the expressions of excitement and joy when you personally deliver your basket or have it delivered for you and get that excited call then we are the company for you.  We take great pride in sending out a truly memorable basket every time.  Knowing that everyone is so individual we like taking the time to customize it by adding something different each time to suit the recipient so the more you tell us about the recipient, the more we can tweak it for them.  

The baskets on this site are only suggestions and starting points.  You tell me what you would like and we will make it our utmost to mission to make it happen.


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